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Respiratory protection and severe acute respiratory syndrome.
Added: 2009/09/23 14:41:32
Mark Nicas , Robert Harrison , William Charney , Bill Borwegan
Journal of occupational and environmental medicine / American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Disease Incidence and Yield of Different Cereal Cultivars in Pure Stands and Mixtures .5. Comparative-Analysis for Cultivar Mixtures of Barley, Wheat and Rye 1984-1986
Added: 2009/02/03 17:15:13
W Gieffers , J Hesselbach
Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz-Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection
C. RADAELLI, « The Open Method of Coordination : A new governance architecture for the European Union », Swedish Institute for European Policy n° .
Added: 2011/04/12 00:49:53
Studies Preliminary
Effect of alpha-tocopherol and beta-carotene supplementation on the incidence of type 2 diabetes
Added: 2010/08/12 07:44:23
M Kataja-Tuomola , J R Sundell , S Mannisto , M J Virtanen , J Kontto , D Albanes , J Virtamo
Confocal scanning laser microscopy of mitochondria: a possible tool in the diagnosis of mitochondrial disorders
Added: 2010/07/30 18:50:56
M H Ruiters , E A van Spronsen , O H Skjeldal , P Stromme , H R Scholte , H Pzyrembel , G P Smit , W Ruitenbeek , E Agsteribbe
J Inherit Metab Dis

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Dennis Ma
Created: 2012/06/05 06:09:15
miao, meow, nyan
My Collections
Created: 2015/06/11 19:15:00
Created: 2012/05/04 09:59:11
Bone Transport
Created: 2011/08/30 21:02:57
Websites & Blogs
Created: 2016/08/26 15:24:48

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Basic local alignment search tool.
Added: 2016/08/26 16:10:27
S F Altschul , W Gish , W Miller , E W Myers , D J Lipman
Journal of molecular biology
Watermelon bikini online
Added: 2016/08/26 15:26:32
Characterisation of Physical, Spectral and Thermal Properties of Biofield treated Resorcinol
Added: 2016/08/26 13:04:00
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Organic Chemistry Current Research
Venous return at various right atrial pressures and the normal venous return curve.
Added: 2016/08/24 21:00:14
The American journal of physiology
Scientific disintegrity as a public bad.
Added: 2016/08/24 15:58:28
Christoph Engel
Perspectives on psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science

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Websites & Blogs 1
Created: 2016/08/26 15:26:16
Websites & Blogs
Created: 2016/08/26 15:24:48
Venous return
Created: 2016/08/24 21:00:08
Created: 2016/08/24 20:59:51
Created: 2016/08/24 20:59:09

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Stem cell homing in musculoskeletal injury.
Viewed: 734487
Eliza L S Fong , Casey K Chan , Stuart B Goodman
Heat transfer from humid air to a two-row direct expansion plate finned tube coils (DX) under condensing conditions
Viewed: 733876
H Shokouhmand , Nader Ale Ebrahim , B D Czejdo , I I Esat , B Trousse , B Shirazi , ASME
Proceedings of the 1996 3rd Biennial Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA. Part 7 (of 9)
Hamstring injuries. Current trends in treatment and prevention.
Viewed: 731898
U M Kujala , S Orava , M Järvinen
Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)
Gene expression profiling spares early breast cancer patients from adjuvant therapy: derived and validated in two population-based cohorts.
Viewed: 729859
Yudi Pawitan , Judith Bjöhle , Lukas Amler , Anna-Lena Borg , Suzanne Egyhazi , Per Hall , Xia Han , Lars Holmberg , Fei Huang , Sigrid Klaar , Edison T Liu , Lance Miller , Hans Nordgren , Alexander Ploner , Kerstin Sandelin , Peter M Shaw , Johanna Smeds , Lambert Skoog , Sara Wedrén , Jonas Bergh
Breast cancer research : BCR
Quality Assessment
Viewed: 728371

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Shared collection
Viewed: 12122
Surgical Navigation 2008-2011
Viewed: 6568
Image-free computer navigation systems build a frame of reference of a patient's knee from anatomical landmarks entered by the surgeon during the initial stage of total knee arthroplasty.
Dividend Policy (Tralvex)
Viewed: 6319
Coaching and Psychotherapy Research
Viewed: 6241
Bibliography related to Coaching (Life and Executive) and Psychotherapy / Counseling with a focus on process research
Current Articles of Interest
Viewed: 6052
This is a collection of current articles from my varied interest. It ranges from software, internet, Web 2.0, tissue engineering, monoclonal antibodies, medical device and minimally invasive surgeries.

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