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完善民主制度,構建發展共識——近期澳門政制改革評述 Building a Consensus for Development to Improve the Democratic Institution: Discussion and Reflection on the Development of Political Institutions of Macau

澳門研究 Journal of Macau Studies , Issue 2 (2012)
煒華 Weihua 劉 LIU

Xinjiang: increasing pain in the heart of China's borderland 新疆——中國邊疆之痛

Journal of Contemporary China 當代中國 , Volume 21 , Issue 74 (2012)
Yufan 雨凡 HAO 郝 , Weihua 煒華 LIU 劉

China's Rise and Its Implications for the West 中國崛起和對西方的影響

Asian Politics & Policy 亞洲政治與政策 , Volume 3 , Issue 4 (2011)
Weihua 煒華 LIU 劉

Rare Earth Minerals and Commodity Resource Nationalism 稀土和資源民族主義

Asia’s Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism 亞洲興起的能源和資源民族主義 , No of Volumes: 31 (2011)
Yufan 雨凡 HAO 郝 , Weihua 煒華 LIU 劉 , Gabe Collins , Andrew S. Erickson , Yufan Hao , Mikkal E. Herberg , Llewelyn Hughes , Weihua Liu , Jane Nakano , the National Bureau of Asian Research 亞洲研究局特別報告

戰略研究再掀高潮:評郝雨凡教授關於“外交大戰路”的兩篇文章 A Review of Prof. Hao Yufan's Articles on China's Grand Strategy

澳大新語 UMAGAZINE , Issue 3 (2010)
樂山 Leshan 任 REN

環境服務貿易發展與自由化 The Development and Liberalization of Trade on Environmental Service

建設“資源節約型、環境友好型社會”高層論壇論文集 Proceedings of the Advanced Forum on the Construction of Resource-saving and Environment-friendly Society (2006)
煒華 Weihua 劉 LIU , 西安地圖出版社 Xi’an Atlas Press

通向圓滿的自我學習 Self-Education to Perfection

南海學刊 Journal of South Sea , Volume 1 , Issue 1 (2010)
仁子 Renzi 劉 LIU

玄奘取經的意義 The Significance of Xuanzang’s Request for Buddhist Scriptures in Hindustan

靈山海會 Lingshan Haihui , Issue 19 (2006)
仁子 Renzi 劉 LIU

澳門概況 (2010~2011) Overview of Macao (2010~2011)

澳門經濟社會發展報告(2011~2012) Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao (2011~2012) (2012)
煒華 Weihua 劉 LIU , 雨凡 Yufan 郝 HAO , 志良 Zhiliang 吳Wu , 社會科學文獻出版社 Social Sciences Academic Press

對中美經貿關係發展的分析 Analysis on the development of Sino-and Trade Relations

金融危機與中美經濟 Financial Crisis and Sino-American Economy (2010)
煒華 Weihua 劉 LIU , 伯龍 BOLONG 劉 LIU , 偉民 WEIMIN 鄭 ZHENG , 社會科學文獻出版社 Social Sciences Academic Press