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References of Rare Earth Minerals and Commodity Resource Nationalism by Yufan HAO and Weihua LIU
Rare Earth, Resource Nationalism
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Rare Earth Minerals and Commodity Resource Nationalism 稀土和資源民族主義

Asia’s Rising Energy and Resource Nationalism 亞洲興起的能源和資源民族主義 , No of Volumes: 31 (2011)
Yufan 雨凡 HAO 郝 , Weihua 煒華 LIU 劉 , Gabe Collins , Andrew S. Erickson , Yufan Hao , Mikkal E. Herberg , Llewelyn Hughes , Weihua Liu , Jane Nakano , the National Bureau of Asian Research 亞洲研究局特別報告

China’s Rare Earths Game Plan

Technology Metals Research (2010)
Gareth Hatch

Renquan, chongxin xianding gainian [Human Rights, Redefining the Concept]

Wuxing de shou: Yu Meiguo Zhongguo wenti zhuanjia dianping Zhong-Mei guanxi [An Invisible Hand: Views of American Leading Experts on U.S.-China Relations] (2000)
Harry Harding , Yufan Hao , Yandong Zhang , Xinhua Press

Dahlkemper Plan to End U.S. Dependency on China for Essential Rare Earths Passes House

U.S. Erie County Democratic Party , U.S. Erie County Democratic Party

Rare Earths: A Golden Future or Overhyped?

Judith Chegwidden , Dudley Kingsnorth , conference presentation, 20th Industrial Minerals International Congress and Exhibition, Miami

Lipinski: China’s Reported Suspension of Rare-Earth Exports Shows America Must Take Further Steps to Protect National Security and Domestic Manufacturing

Daniel Lipinski , Congressman Daniel Lipinski’s website

Gillibrand Urges President Obama to Press China on Rare Earth Minerals at Upcoming G-20 Summit

Kirsten Gillibrand , Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's website

Rare Earth Elements: The Global Supply Chain, CRS Report for Congress

No of Volumes: 41347 (2010)
Marc Humphries , Congressional Research Service

Should DOE Pump Up Rare Earth Metals with Loan Guarantees?

Josie Garthwaite , GigaOM

Chen Deming fouren zhengfu jin chukou xitu: Zhengfu bu ganyu qiye xingwei [Chen Deming Denies Ban of Rare Earths Export by Government: Government Does Not Interfere with Entrepreneur Behaviors]

Fenghuang Wang [Phoenix Net] , Fenghuang Wang [Phoenix Net]