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Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology 42 (2): 256-62 (2002)

Embryo-larval toxicity tests with the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus): comparative sensitivity of endpoints.

L T H Nguyen , C R Janssen
Embryo-larval toxicity tests with the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) were performed to assess the comparative sensitivity of different endpoints. Measured test responses included embryo and larval survival, hatching, morphological development, and larval growth. Chromium, cadmium, copper, sodium pentachlorphenol (NaPCP), and malathion were used as model toxicants. Hatching was not affected by any of the chemicals tested, and embryo survival was only affected by chromium at > or = 36 mg/L. The growth of larvae was significantly reduced at > or = 11 mg/L Cr, > or = 0.63 mg/L Cu, > or = 0.03 mg/L NaPCP, and > or = 1.25 mg/L malathion. Morphological development of C. gariepinus was affected by all of the toxicants tested. Different types of morphological aberrations were observed, i.e., reduction of pigmentation in fish exposed to cadmium and copper, yolk sac edema in fish exposed to NaPCP and malathion, and deformation of the notochord in fish exposed to chromium and malathion. The sensitivity of the endpoints measured can be summarized as follows: growth > abnormality > larval survival > embryo survival > hatching.
ISSN: 0090-4341