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Am.J.Surg. 146 (6): 844-847 (1983)

Bovine carotid artery heterografts versus polytetrafluoroethylene grafts. A prospective, randomized study

S.R. Teaf , W.A. Sterling , B.J. Skipper , A.V. Hurt , M. Batello-Cruz
A prospective, randomized comparison of BCAH and PTFE vascular access grafts resulted in no statistically significant difference when analyzed for survival rates of complications, types of complications, reasons for failure, and clot salvageability. The results in diabetic patients were similar to those in nondiabetic patients. The majority of retrospective studies and subjective experiences favor PTFE grafts over BCAHs. The explanation may be part that BCAH preceded PTFE grafts into clinical use, and inexperience in the operating room and in the dialysis unit had an effect on BCAH results. A review of impressions of the graft materials indicated a decided preference for PTFE grafts