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European Journal of Cancer, Supplement 8 (2): 16 (2010)

Community mobilization and client recruitment into cervical cancer screening in Kenya as a means of prevention

Nyabade G.O.
Go Fishnet Youth Project (GFYP) is part of the fraternity of registered Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) by Kenya government to facilitate, create awareness and bring empowerment process for income-generation to community health workers (CHWs) especially in the area of cancer and its prevention. This project builds upon local efforts to develop an affordable and sustainable method of cervical cancer prevention services. Through partnership with local NGOs and CBOs with the same mind on cancer prevention and Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture and Gender. Most Kenyan community health workers in the rural areas will recognize some important basic steps of the incomegeneration empowerment process being used to sustain volunteer community health workers, who motivate and sensitize communities in western Kenya about cervical cancer screening services through a join collaboration network and partnership. The Go Fishnet Youth Project has been in collaboration with other community based entities and organization such as MaendeleoYaWanawake (MYW) which is a national women's advocacy organization and Awuoth Widows and Orphan Group, to facilitate, sensitize, mobilize and recruit women in surrounding communities for screening. The community based health workers were encouraged to venture into income-generating activities through Go Fishnet Youth Project facilitation programmes without foreign support when donors funding is not available. The Community Health Workers are integrating micro-enterprises into their cervical cancer prevention activities which link them with local small-scale enterprenuer companies offering loans to individuals/groups working with cancer patients. There are many factors which otherwise could have affected Community Health Workers in creating early awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention and this includes financial resources constraints, sociocultural norms amongst the Luos in western Kenya and continued poverty amongst the people living in the area. This study attempts to use these factors to build a successful method for screening behavior among women aged 21-40 in Nyanza Province. Since March 2006, Go Fishnet Youth Project (GFYP) has provided cervical cancer prevention services in Kisumu District. As a result, over 6000 women residing in a rural area have received cervical cancer screening through active every home crusade visual inspection with acetic acid or Lugol's iodine and over 50 (CHW) registered them. The comparison of previous data and the current one show the study results of the current as of remarkable prevention of carvical cancer in low-resource setting. An effective local infrastructure by community health workers in cancer prevention in a low-income area of Nyanza in western Kenya brings a sustainability to community based health workers in their prevention outreach in rural communities giving little concern to foreign funding dependability to eradicate cervical cancer.
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M1: (Nyabade G.O.) Go Fishnet Youth Project, Kisumu, Kenya