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Issues in mental health nursing 16 (3): 185-200 (1995)

Perceived alienation in individuals with residual-type schizophrenia.

D A DeNiro
The purpose of this descriptive study was to explore the experience of alienation from the perspective of a convenience sample of 20 individuals with residual-type schizophrenia. Semistructured interviews focused on general relationships with people and society, feelings of closeness and separation at specified age groups, and experiences of loneliness, social isolation, and lack of solidarity or sense of belonging. Content analysis was performed to categorize qualitative data into concepts from the theoretical framework. Other concepts that increased alienation were stigmas associated with medication and psychiatric treatment, connection to the mental health system, victimization, and abuse. Aspects of alienation-social isolation, loneliness, and lack of solidarity increased for respondents during their lifetime, and positive connections with other people decreased.
ISSN: 0161-2840