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J. Biol. Chem. 259: 3680-3685 (1984)

Structural studies on lipophorin, and insect lipoprotein

J P Shapiro , P S Keim , J H Law
Lipophorin of larval Manduca had a density of 1.13 g/ml. ApoLp-I had a mw of 245,000, and apoLp-II was 78,000. A visible wavelength scan of native Lp in PBS revealed a maximum absorbance at 455 nm and a profile identical to that observed in Locusta Lp (Peled and Tietz, 1975). There was no cross-reactivity between antisera to apoLp-I and apoLp-II. Immunochemical evidence indicated that apoLp-I was more exposed to the aqueous medium than was apoLp-II.
Structural studies on lipophorin, and insect lipoproteinMerits inclusion in the apoLp-III file because it explains in detail chromatographic methods and observations Kawooya later used to isolate apoLp-III.