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Endocrine-related cancer (2009)

Mouse models of altered protein kinase A signaling.

Lawrence Kirschner , Zhirong Yin , Georgette Jones , Emilia Mahoney
Protein Kinase A is an evolutionarily-conserved protein which has been studied in model organisms from yeast to man. Although the cAMP-PKA signaling system was the first mammalian second messenger system to be characterized, many aspects of this pathway are still not well understood. Owing to findings over the past decade implicating PKA signaling in endocrine (and other) tumorigenesis, there has been renewed interest in understanding the role of this pathway in physiology, particularly as it pertains to the endocrine system. Because of the availability of genetic tools, mouse modeling has become the preeminent system for studying the physiologic role of specific genes and gene families as a means to understanding their relationship to human diseases. In this review, we will summarize the current data regarding mouse models which have targeted the Protein Kinase A signaling system. These data have led to a better understanding of both the complexity and the subtlety of PKA signaling, and point the way for future studies which may help to modulate this pathway for therapeutic effect.
DOI: 10.1677/ERC-09-0068      ISSN: 1351-0088