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  1. Reducing the impact of the next influenza pandemic using household-based public health interventions

    PLoS Med , Volume 3 , Issue 9 (2006)
    Wu J T , Riley S , Fraser C , Leung G M
  2. The HIV peak in acute infecton results from a CTL response in addition to a constant death rate of infected cells

    8th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (2001)
    Van Sighem A , Fraser C , Van de Wiel M , Roos M , Schellekens P T , Ferguson N M , Anderson R M , Lange J M , Goudsmit J , de Wolf F
  3. Assessing the reliability of eBURST using simulated populations with known ancestry

    BMC Microbiology , Volume 7 (2007)
    Turner K M , Hanage W P , Fraser C , Connor T R , Spratt B G
  4. Identifying currents in the gene pool for bacterial populations using a Bayesian integrative approach

    PLoS Comp. Biol.
    Tang J , Hanage W P , Fraser C , Corander J
  5. Exploring Genetic Relatedness, Patterns of Evolutionary Descent, and the Population Genetics of Bacterial Pathogens Using Multilocus Sequence Typing

    Spratt B G , Hanage W P , Fraser C , Tibayrenc M , John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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