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  1. Transcription factor interactions: Basics on zippers,

    Curr Opinion Struct Biol,

    , Volume 1,


    Kerppola T , Curran T
  2. Transcriptional regulation by Fos and Jun,

    Volume Nuclear Processes and Oncogenes 14th Bristol Myers Symposium. Academic Press, Inc.,


    Curran T , Abate C , Macgregor P F
  3. Dangerous Liaisons: Fos and Jun-Oncogenic Transcription Factors,

    Transcriptional Regulation,

    , Volume 2 S.L. McKnight, K. R. Yamamoto Eds., Cold Spring Harbor, NY,


    Curran T , Vogt P
  4. Cellular immediate-early genes in the nervous system: Genes for all reasons?,

    Volume Trophic Regulation of the Basal Ganglia. Focus on Dopaminergic Neurons (Eds. K. Fuxe, L.F., A. Leon D. Ottoson) Pergamon Press,


    Hilbush B S , Curran T , Morgan J I
  5. Stimulus-transcription coupling in the nervous system: From proto-oncogenes to transgenes,

    Volume Alpha-Adrenoceptors: Signal Transduction, Ionic Channels and Effector Organs (Eds. M. Fujiwara, T. Sugimoto, K. Kogure) Excertpta Medica Tokyo, Japan,


    Morgan J I , Schilling K , Curran T
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