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Interaction of reelin with very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) receptor for screening and therapies

T. Curran , G. D'Arcangelo

Cyclin dependent kinase 5 phosphorylation of disabled 1 protein

T. Curran , L. Keshvara

Large-Scale Biomedical Science Exploring Strategies For Future Research,

Volume The National Academies Press. Committee on Large-Scale Science and Cancer Research. Sharyl J. Nass and Bruce W. Stillman (eds.). The National Academies Press,


J.V Simone , B.W. Stillman , E. Stovall , D. Petitti , J. Bargonetti , B. Bozeman , T. Byers , T. Curran , T. Eberlein , D. Galas , K. Hersey , D.J. Kevles , L. Linton , W.W. McGuire , J. Mendelson , K.H. Mooney , N. Mueller , P.A. Nolan , C.B. Pickett , S. Prescott , L.B. Russell , T.J. Smith , S. Weiner , R.C. Young

Targeting Children's Brain Tumors: Development of hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors for Medulloblastoma,

Volume Two Faces of Evil: Cancer and Neurodegeneration; Research Perspectives in Alzheimer's Disease. Springer,


T. Curran

The road to Osaka,

Volume The 20th Anniversary of the Osaka Bioscience Institute Commemorative Publication ,


T. Curran


T. Curran , Academic Press,



G. D'Arcangelo , T. Curran , Oxford University Press,


Transgenic mice studies of immediate-early genes: from markers to mutants,

Volume Immediate-Early Genes in the Central Nervous System (T.R. Tolle, J. Schadrack, W. Zieglgansberger Eds) Springer-Verlag,


G. Kasof , T. Curran , J. I. Morgan

c-fos and signal transduction in vivo,

Volume Proc of the 5th CFN Symposium: Effects of Toxicants on Gene Expression and Intracellular Signalling, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 14-16, 1997, In: Toxicology In Vitro. Elsevier Science, Ltd.,


T. Curran

Oncogenic transcription factors: Fos Jun, Myc, Myb and Ets,

S. J. Baker , T. Curran