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Realist Reviews
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A collection of resources about realist or rapid reviews in health and policy.
realist reviews, rapid evidence assessments, rapid reviews, rapid evidence reviews
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Evidence-based health policy: A preliminary systematic review.

Health Education Journal , Volume 69 , Issue 1 (2010)

Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs) (Health Libraries Wiki Canada)

School of Library and Information Science, University of British Columbia

A rapid evidence-based service by librarians provided information to answer primary care clinical questions

Health Information amp Libraries Journal , Volume 27 , Issue 1 (2010)
Jessie McGowan , William Hogg , Tamara Rader , Doug Salzwedel , Danielle Worster , Elise Cogo , Margo Rowan

Evidence-Based Policy: A Realist Perspective [Paperback]

Dr Ray Pawson , Sage Publications Ltd

GSR Rapid Evidence Assessment Toolkit

United Kingdom Government Social Research Service , Government Social Research Service, United Kingdom

Rapid Review Methodology

Pages: 8
Cardiff University Support Unit for Research Evidence (SURE)

Rapid Reviews: Methods and Implications

Pages: 2
National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

A rapid review method for extremely large corpora of literature: Applications to the domains of modelling, simulation, and management

International Journal of Information Management , Volume 31 , Issue 3 (2011)
Mohsen Jahangirian , Tillal Eldabi , Lalit Garg , Gyuchan T Jun , Aisha Naseer , Brijesh Patel , Lampros Stergioulas , Terry Young [Author vitae]

An information extraction and representation system for rapid review of the biomedical literature.

Stud Health Technol Inform , Volume 107 (2004)
Revere D Fuller S Bugni PF Martin GM

Rapid versus full systematic reviews: validity in clinical practice?.

ANZ J Surg , Volume 78 , Issue 11 (2008)
Watt A Cameron A Sturm L Lathlean T Babidge W Blamey S Facey K Hailey D Norderhaug I Maddern