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  1. Extra-nuclear signaling of estrogen receptors.

    IUBMB life (2008)
    Fu X , Simoncini T
  2. Molecular characterization of nitrite reductase gene (aniA) and gene product in Neisseria meningitidis isolates: Is aniA essential for meningococcal survival?

    IUBMB life (2008)
    Stefanelli P , Colotti G , Neri A , Salucci M L , Miccoli R , Di Leandro L , Ippoliti R
  3. Identifying functional neighborhoods within the cell nucleus: Proximity analysis of early S-phase replicating chromatin domains to sites of transcription, RNA polymerase II, HP1gamma, matrin 3 and SAF-A.

    Journal of cellular biochemistry (2008)
    Malyavantham K S , Bhattacharya S , Barbeitos M , Mukherjee L , Xu J , Fackelmayer F O , Berezney R