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robotic rehabilition, motor control, assessment, mechatronics, mechanical impedance, vibration, perturbation, augmented reality
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Optical Illusion in Augmented Reality

18th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, VRST 2012 (2012)
M. Khademi , H.M. Hondori , C.V. Lopes

A Spatial Augmented Reality Rehab System for Post-Stroke Hand Rehabilitation

2013 Conference on Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, NextMed/MMVR20 (2012)
H.M. Hondori , M. Khademi , L. Dodakian , S.C. Cramer , C.V. Lopes

Haptic Augmented Reality to Monitor Human Arm's Stiffness in Rehabilitation

IECBES 2012 (2012)
M. Khademi , H.M. Hondori , C.V. Lopes , L. Dodakian , S.C. Cramer

Use of a Portable Device for Measuring Arm's Planar Mechanical Impedance during Motion

IECBES 2012 (2012)
H.M. Hondori , M. Khademi , C.V. Lopes

Real-time Measurement of Arm’s Mechanical Impedance with Augmented Reality Illustration

EMBC 2012 (2012)
H.M. Hondori , A.W. Tech , M. Khademi , C.V. Lopes

Monitoring Intake Gestures using Sensor Fusion (Microsoft Kinect and Inertial Sensors) for Smart Home Tele-Rehab Setting

2012 IEEE EMBS HIC (2012)
H.M. Hondori , M. Khademi , C.V. Lopes

Measuring Human Arm’s Mechanical Impedance for Assessment of Motor Function

School: PhD Thesis at Nanyang Technological University (2012)
H.M. Hondori

Design and Fabrication of Magnetic Levitation System for Low Speed Purposes

School: MSc Thesis Tarbiat Modares University (2006)
H.M. Hondori

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Effective Control Parameters of an Active Magnetic Bearing

Modares Technical and Engineering Journal , Volume 39 , Issue Spring 2010 (2010)
H.M. Hondori , Y. Hojjat

Precise Positioning Using Pneumatic Impact Pulse

ISME2006 (2006)
S. Dehdari , H.M. Hondori , A. Taherkhani , Y. Hojjat