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Clinics in sports medicine 33 (3): 547-52 (2014)

Patellofemoral arthroplasty in the athlete.

Jack Farr , Elizabeth Arendt , Diane Dahm , Jake Daynes
Patellofemoral arthritis is multifactorial and more prevalent in women and in those with high patellofemoral loading (eg, from athletics and obesity). More patients are presenting with end-stage patellofemoral arthritis at earlier ages, which is increasingly being treated with patellofemoral arthroplasty. However, these patients often desire to continue with some level of sporting activities. The goal of the surgeon is to allow the highest postoperative activity level, with safety being paramount. Unfortunately, current guidelines for sports participation after arthroplasty are based primarily on literature for total joint arthroplasty, which is largely derived from laboratory findings and level 5 evidence.
DOI: 10.1016/j.csm.2014.03.003      ISSN: 0278-5919