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The Counseling Psychologist 39 (2) (2011)

Changing Light Bulbs: Practice, Motivation, and Autonomy

Carter Jean
The comment on the Ryan, Lynch, Vansteenkiste, and Deci (2011) article on motivation and autonomy in psychotherapy considers motivation and its role as prerequisite, process variable, or appropriate outcome, speculating that all are appropriate ways to conceptualize motivation in the behavior change process. Autonomy, as a useful addition, refers to the locus of causality and, when included with motivation and phenomenal source, implies a valence and hierarchy to theoretical perspectives on psychotherapy. Finally, some ideas concerning a multidimensional perspective on relevant factors in psychotherapy may serve to stimulate additional thought for both practitioners and researchers.
DOI: 10.1177/0011000010391915      ISSN: 0011-0000