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Compliant Motion in Robotics
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The effect of a major source of manipulator compliance, namely, the elasticity of manipulator joints, on the overall stability of robot manipulators during constrained-motion task execution is examined. The stability of the elastic-joint manipulator during constrained-motion contact is investigated ... (more)
Robotics, force control
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The complexity of robot motion planning

J. Canny , The MIT Press

Contact Transitions Tracking During Force-Controlled Complaint Motion Using an Interacting Multiple Model Estimator

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Stability and control of elastic-joint robotic manipulators during constrained-motion tasks

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JK Mills

Control of robotic manipulators with flexible joints during constrained motion task execution

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On the stability of manipulators performing contact tasks

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Direct adaptive impedance control of robot manipulators

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Dynamic manipulability analysis of compliant motion

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R. Koeppe , T. Yoshikawa

A compliant motion control for insertion of complex shaped objects using contact

Robotics and Automation, 1997. Proceedings., 1997 IEEE International Conference on , Volume 1 (1997)
S.C. Kang , Y.K. Hwang , M.S. Kim , C.W. Lee , K.I. Lee