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Journal of Fisheries & Livestock Production 4 (1): 1-5 (2016)

Bioacoustic characteristic click sound and behaviour of male dolphins bottle nose (tursiops aduncus)

Muhammad Zainuddin Lubis
We Dicsuss the problem of bioacoustics research, Bioacoustic is the science that combines biology and acoustics which refers on the production of sound, dispersion and reseption animals and humans. This study using acoustic and behavioral observations of dolphins by using passive acoustic science (bioacoustic) to see the difference pattern of sound, and treatment given in this study is a before and after eating at Safari Park Indonesia, Cisarua Bogor. Sound dolphins have the lowest intensity value of 28.03 dB and highest is 32.01 dB. Parameter salinity 30 ppm and temperature of 23°C with a pool depth of 4.4 meters. Range frequency the highest is 14.000-16.000 Hz and intensity the highest 23 dB at the first day after meal a click sound. Differences in sound intensity values before and after eating is the highest value of a click on the second day with the highest intensity was 32.01 dB and lowest before eating.
DOI: 10.4172/2332-2608.1000160      ISSN: 2332-2608