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Cellular microenvironments
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This collection is based on the article "In-situ measurement of cellular microenvironments in a microfluidic device". ---- Abstract: We report on the integration of optical microsensors into a cell culture microchannel device. We demonstrate the possibility of measuring the glucose and oxygen concen ... (more)
In-situ measurement, cellular microenvironments, microfluidic device
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The Development and Characterization of a Human Mesothelioma In Vitro 3D Model to Investigate Immunotoxin Therapy

PloS one , Volume 6 , Issue 1 (2011)
X Xiang , Y Phung , M Feng , K Nagashima , J Zhang , VC Broaddus , R Hassan , D Fitzgerald , M Ho

The effects of nutrient depleted microenvironments and delta-like 1 homologue (DLK1) on apoptosis in neuroblastoma

Nutrition research and practice , Volume 4 , Issue 6 (2010)
Y Kim

α3(V) Collagen is critical for glucose homeostasis in mice due to effects in pancreatic islets and peripheral tissues

The Journal of clinical investigation (2011)
G Huang , G Ge , D Wang , B Gopalakrishnan , DH Butz , RJ Colman , A Nagy , DS Greenspan

Malignant potential of H22 hepatocarcinoma cells increases after recovery from IFN-γ mediated inhibition

Cell biology international (2011)
W Gong , KZ Ma , X Liang , Y Liu , Q Zhou , J Zhang , H Chen , WW Liu

T cells and stromal fibroblasts in human tumor microenvironments represent potential therapeutic targets

Cancer microenvironment : official journal of the International Cancer Microenvironment Society , Volume 3 , Issue 1 (2010)
JL Barnas , MR Simpson-Abelson , SJ Yokota , RJ Kelleher , RB Bankert

Monoacylated PrPc modifies cell membranes, inhibits cell signaling and reduces prion formation

The Journal of biological chemistry (2011)
C Bate , A Williams

An outsider's perspective-ecotaxis revisited: an integrative review of cancer environment, iron and immune system cells

Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro (2010)
Sousa de

Stem cells and regenerative medicine: accomplishments to date and future promise

Therapeutic delivery , Volume 1 , Issue 5 (2010)
KY Helmy , SA Patel , K Silverio , L Pliner , P Rameshwar

Recurrence and mortality according to Estrogen Receptor status for breast cancer patients undergoing conservative surgery. Ipsilateral breast tumour recurrence dynamics provides clues for tumour biology within the residual breast

BMC cancer (2010)
R Demicheli , I Ardoino , P Boracchi , D Coradini , R Agresti , C Ferraris , M Gennaro , WJ Hrushesky , E Biganzoli

Sertoli Cells Dictate Spermatogonial Stem Cell Niches in the Mouse Testis

Biology of reproduction (2010)
MJ Oatley , KE Racicot , JM Oatley