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Nature tructural molecular biology 13 (4): 372-3 (2006)

tructural basis for the activation of flaviviral NS 3 proteases from dengue and West Nile virus

Paul Erbel Nikolaus chiering Allan D Arcy Martin Renatus Markus Kroemer iew Pheng Lim Zheng Yin Thomas H Keller ubhash G @ # ~ Vasudevan ~ # @ Ulrich Hommel
The replication of flaviviruses requires the correct processing of their polyprotein by the viral NS3 protease (NS3pro). Essential for the activation of NS3pro is a 47-residue region of NS2B. Here we report the crystal structures of a dengue NS2B-NS3pro complex and a West Nile virus NS2B-NS3pro complex with a substrate-based inhibitor. These structures identify key residues for NS3pro substrate recognition and clarify the mechanism of NS3pro activation.
ISSN: 1545-9993