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4: 1827--1831 (2003)

Acoustic emission signal classification using fuzzy c-means clustering

SN Omkar , S Suresh , TR Raghavendra , V Mani
Proceedings ofthe 9th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP'OZ) , Vol. 4 Llpo W mg Jagwh C Rajlaphe. Kunihiko tukurhma, SmYoung le, and X m Yao tEoiioni ... ACOUSTIC EMMISION SItGNAL CLASSIFIATION USING FUZZY ...
DOI: 9810475241      ISSN: 9810475241     
[Original String]: [11] S. N. Omkar, S. Suresh, T. R. Raghavendra, and V. Mani, Acoustic emission signal classi cation using fuzzy C-means clustering, in: Proc. of the ICONIP02, 9th Inter-national Conference on Neural Information Processing, vol. 4, 2002, pp. 1827-1831.