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Remedial and Special Education 18 (1): 12-19 (1997)

Intrinsic Motivation and Academic Achievement

Poonam Dev
Encouraging children's intrinsic motivation can help them to achieve academic success (adelman, 1978; adelman & taylor, 1986; gottfried, 1983, 1985). To help students with and without learning disabilities to develop academic intrinsic motivation, it is impoptant to define the factors that affect motivation (adelman & chaney, 1982; adelman & taylor, 1983). This article offers educators an insight into the effects of different motivational orientations on the school learning of students with learning disabilities, as well as into the variables affecting intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Also included are recommendations, based on empirical evidence, for enhancing academic intrinsic motivation in learners of varying abilities at all grade levels.
ISSN: 0741-9325