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Journal of hand surgery (Edinburgh, Scotland) 25 (6): 575-7 (2000)

A modification of the technique for intravenous regional blockade for hand surgery.

C H Tham , B H Lim
A prospective study was conducted to assess a modification to Bier's intravenous regional anaesthesia which introduced a third temporary distal forearm tourniquet. This confines the injected lignocaine to the hand, resulting in a higher local lignocaine concentration. Subsequent exsanguination of the limb then channels the remaining intravascular lignocaine under the distal cuff of a double tourniquet.Of the 18 patients, none experienced pain during operation and all tolerated the tourniquet without significant discomfort. Mild postoperative giddiness was noted in one patient. No other anaesthetic complications were encountered. In a subjective assessment of the bloodlessness of the operating field, two were ranked satisfactory, ten good and six excellent. None of the patients required re-exsanguination when using this technique.
DOI: 10.1054/jhsb.2000.0423      ISSN: 0266-7681