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Il Pensiero Economico Italiano 13 (2): 105-114 (2005)

La collana 'Economia y economistas espanoles' e le relazioni tra pensiero economico spagnolo e italiano. (The Series 'Economia y economistas espanoles': The 'National' History of Spanish Economic Thought and Its Relations with Italian Thought. With English summary.)

Jose Luis Malo Guillen , Stefano Spalletti
The review article presents the collection "Economia y economistas espanoles" (1999-2004). It approaches the history of economic thought of a given country (Spain) as a process by which foreign doctrines and theories are imported and assimilated. Italian economists and their main relationships with Spanish economists are reviewed from 1700 onwards.
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Keywords: Economic Thought; History of Economic Thought; Geographic Descriptors: Spain; Geographic Region: Europe; Language: Italian; Publication Type: Journal Article; Update Code: 200703