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  1. K.C. Pandey. Varsha Tayal Brachylaime Sp.

    Trematode From The Stone Linn Second National Congress Of University 2oral (1979)
    A , C B , P B
  2. K.C. Pandey. Varsha Tayal On Trematode Pleurogenidies Sp.

    Loss From Water Bloch Second National Congress Of University3poster (1979)
    A , A , F O , P B
  3. K.C. Pandey and Varsha Tayal On Cestode Malika Sp.

    From The Intestine Of The Stone Curlew Burhinus Congress Of Parasitology Hissar54oral (1980)
    A , O T
  4. K.C. Pandey and Varsha Tayal On Cestode Spiniglans (Of Zoology, Bhopal. -45. (oral)

    A , S I , Y F
  5. K.C. Pandey And Varsha Tayal At Fourth All India Congress Of Zoology, Nainital-38.(oral)

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