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Military medicine 168 (1): 40-2 (2003)

Avulsion of the common hamstring tendon origin in an active duty airman.

Anthony E Johnson , Robert R Granville , Thomas M DeBerardino
Hamstring injuries are common in active athletic populations, such as military service members. Ruptures of the hamstring origin from the ischial tuberosity are rare injuries and missed if not considered in the differential diagnosis of ischial pain. Unlike other hamstring injuries, complete hamstring avulsions must be treated surgically. Results of untreated hamstring avulsions are poor. The purpose of this article is to describe the case of an active duty airman who presented for an unrelated complaint and was discovered to have a 5-week-old hamstring avulsion. Surgical repair of the hamstring avulsion 6 weeks after injury yielded an excellent result and return to full duty. Hamstring avulsions recognized early by history and physical examination and diagnostic imaging permits early and effective treatment. Early surgical repair of the tendon to bone can result in return to full duty.
ISSN: 0026-4075