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  1. Distribution of fish fauna in the spring fed streams of Uttarakhand, India. Journal Inland Fisheries Society of India.

    ISSN 03793435 , Volume 46 , Issue 2 (2014)
    Nautiyal P , Mishra A
  2. Nautiyal, Annpurna. BJP’s Rise in Loksabha Election in Uttarakhand.

    Punjab University Research Journal Social Sciences Vol Number 2 ISSN Annpurna Environmental Policy Gaps as a Threat to Human Security of Natural Catastrophe in Uttarakhand Himalayas in India Journal of International Affairs Bangladesh institute of Law and International Affairs Vol18 Nos 1and 2 June and December ISSN10279040 , Volume 22 (2014)
    X , A
  3. A review on the art and science of the Indian mahseers (game-fish) in the th century-road to extinction or conservation? ProcNatlAcadSci India Sect.

    Sci 215236 DOI 101007s4001101302333 ISSN 03698211 , Volume 84 , Issue 2 (2014)
    Nautiyal P , B
  4. Naseeruddin, Kh.; and Performance of different radish (Raphanus sativus L.

    varieties suitable under Garhwal Himalaya region Weekly Science Res J , Volume 2 , Issue 12 (2014)
    Singh V , Rana D
  5. Naseeruddin, Kh., and Genetic divergence in radish (Raphanus sativus L.

    grown under valley conditions of Garhwal Himalaya J Hill Agri , Volume 5 , Issue 2 (2014)
    Singh V , Pant S , Rana D
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