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Structure and Chemistry of Cytochrome P450
Added: 2011/02/11 09:37:27
Ilia G Denisov , Thomas M Makris , Stephen G Sligar , Ilme Schlichting
Chem. Rev.
Management of elderly and frail elderly cancer patients: the importance of comprehensive geriatrics assessment and the need for guidelines.
Added: 2014/10/22 21:59:55
Marco Ruiz , Tom Reske , Charles Cefalu , John Estrada
The American journal of the medical sciences
Inorg. Chem. , 16, . 17. (a) Online Coupling of Electrochemical Reactions with Liquid Sample Desorption Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry.
Added: 2013/06/29 23:48:04
A Dobson , SD Robinson , JW Li , HD Dewald , H Chen , ZX Miao , H Chen , QZ Hu , RJ Noll , HY Li , A Makarov , M Hardman , RG Cooks , RH Perry , RG Cooks , RJ Noll , RH Perry , QZ Hu , GA Salazar , RG Cooks , RJ Noll , GX Wu , RJ Noll , WR Plass , QZ Hu , RH Perry , RG Cooks , SE Clapham , A Hadzovic , RH Morris , R Noyori , T Ohkuma , R Noyori , H Takaya , R Noyori , M Yamakawa , S Hashiguchi , M Palmer , T Walsgrove , M Wills
Anal Chem 97169722 b Direct Analysis of Liquid Samples by Desorption Electrospray IonizationMass Spectrometry DESIMS J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 20 1 1019 18 a The Orbitrap a new mass spectrometer J Mass Spectrom 40 4 430443 b ORBITRAP MASS SPECTROMETRY INSTRUMENTATION ION MOTION AND APPLICATIONS Mass Spectrom Rev 27 6 661699 c Rephasing Ion Packets in the Orbitrap Mass Analyzer to Improve Resolution and Peak Shape J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 20 8 13971404 d Ion trajectory simulations of axial ac dipolar excitation in the Orbitrap Int J Mass Spectrom 254 12 5362 19 a Mechanisms of the H2hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation of polar bonds catalyzed by ruthenium hydride complexes Coord Chem Rev 248 2124 22012237 b Asymmetric catalysis by architectural and functional molecular engineering Practical chemoand stereoselective hydrogenation of ketones Angew ChemInt Edit 40 1 4073 c BINAPAN EFFICIENT CHIRAL ELEMENT FOR ASYMMETRIC CATALYSIS Accounts Chem Res 23 10 345350 d Metalligand bifunctional catalysis A nonclassical mechanism for asymmetric hydrogen transfer between alcohols and carbonyl compounds J Org Chem 66 24 79317944 e 1R2Scis1amino2indanol An effective ligand for asymmetric catalysis of transfer hydrogenations of ketones J Org Chem 62 15 52265228
Immunohistochemical localization of bone morphogenetic protein-signaling Smads during long-bone distraction osteogenesis
Added: 2008/12/04 18:31:46
T Haque , M Mandu-Hrit , F Rauch , D Lauzier , M Tabrizian , R C Hamdy
J Histochem Cytochem
Functional redundancy of GSK-3alpha and GSK-3beta in Wnt/beta-catenin signaling shown by using an allelic series of embryonic stem cell lines.
Added: 2009/01/24 13:47:27
Bradley W Doble , Satish Patel , Geoffrey A Wood , Lisa K Kockeritz , James R Woodgett
Developmental cell

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Pull Out Tests
Created: 2012/10/26 22:13:31
Created: 2011/10/11 14:31:43
Created: 2013/05/31 13:46:08
pleural effusion
Created: 2011/05/23 16:16:07
Tablets in Libraries - Cases
Created: 2012/10/10 14:09:37

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Evaluation of the Physicochemical, Spectral, Thermal and Behavioral Properties of Sodium Selenate After the Energy of Consciousness Healing Treatment
Added: 2017/07/22 14:05:51
Haddon Norman Salt , Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Science Journal of Analytical Chemistry
LC-MS, GC-MS, and NMR Spectroscopic Analysis of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) Root Extract After Treatment with the Energy of Consciousness (The Trivedi Effect®)
Added: 2017/07/22 13:56:07
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak , Aileen Carol Lee , Aksana Hancharuk , Carola Marina Sand , Debra Jane Schnitzer , Rudina Thanasi , Eileen Mary Meagher , Faith Ann Pyka , Gary Richard Gerber , Johanna Catharina Stromsnas , Judith Marian Shapiro , Laura Nelson Streicher , Lorraine Marie Hachfeld , Matthew Charles Hornung , Patricia M. Rowe , Sally Jean Henderson , Sheila Maureen Benson , Shirley Theresa Holmlund , Stephen P. Salters , Parthasarathi Panda , Snehasis Jana
European Journal of Biophysics
Structural Properties and Isotopic Abundance Ratio Analysis of Magnesium Gluconate Treated with the Energy of Consciousness Using LC-MS and NMR Spectroscopy
Added: 2017/07/21 18:15:03
Haddon Norman Salt , Mahendra Kumar Trivedi
Biomedical Sciences
The Study of Biofield Energy Treatment Based Herbomineral Formulation in Skin Health and Function
Added: 2017/07/21 14:47:56
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak
American Journal of BioScience
Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment Based Herbomineral Formulation: A Safe and Effective Approach for Skin Health
Added: 2017/07/21 14:38:23
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi , Alice Branton , Dahryn Trivedi , Gopal Nayak
American Journal of Pharmacology and Phytotherapy

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My Publications
Created: 2017/07/18 19:40:42
Created: 2017/07/10 15:41:19
Created: 2017/06/17 18:23:14
Bechara Tarabay
Created: 2017/05/15 14:56:49
Acheter PlayStation Network 50 Euros
Created: 2017/05/11 17:48:44

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Stem cell homing in musculoskeletal injury.
Viewed: 1053584
Eliza L S Fong , Casey K Chan , Stuart B Goodman
Heat transfer from humid air to a two-row direct expansion plate finned tube coils (DX) under condensing conditions
Viewed: 1053158
H Shokouhmand , Nader Ale Ebrahim , B D Czejdo , I I Esat , B Trousse , B Shirazi , ASME
Proceedings of the 1996 3rd Biennial Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA. Part 7 (of 9)
Hamstring injuries. Current trends in treatment and prevention.
Viewed: 1050574
U M Kujala , S Orava , M Järvinen
Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)
Gene expression profiling spares early breast cancer patients from adjuvant therapy: derived and validated in two population-based cohorts.
Viewed: 1048442
Yudi Pawitan , Judith Bjöhle , Lukas Amler , Anna-Lena Borg , Suzanne Egyhazi , Per Hall , Xia Han , Lars Holmberg , Fei Huang , Sigrid Klaar , Edison T Liu , Lance Miller , Hans Nordgren , Alexander Ploner , Kerstin Sandelin , Peter M Shaw , Johanna Smeds , Lambert Skoog , Sara Wedrén , Jonas Bergh
Breast cancer research : BCR
Quality Assessment
Viewed: 1046673

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Shared collection
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Dividend Policy (Tralvex)
Viewed: 10255
Surgical Navigation 2008-2011
Viewed: 9492
Image-free computer navigation systems build a frame of reference of a patient's knee from anatomical landmarks entered by the surgeon during the initial stage of total knee arthroplasty.
Current Articles of Interest
Viewed: 8557
This is a collection of current articles from my varied interest. It ranges from software, internet, Web 2.0, tissue engineering, monoclonal antibodies, medical device and minimally invasive surgeries.
Efficient Market Hypothesis (Tralvex)
Viewed: 8434

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