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Observations on the injury mechanism of anterior cruciate ligament tears in skiers.
Added: 2011/01/19 11:02:26
K P Speer , R F Warren , T L Wickiewicz , L Horowitz , L Henderson
The American journal of sports medicine
Is combination rituximab with cyclophosphamide better than rituximab alone in the treatment of lupus nephritis?
Added: 2012/04/02 17:20:09
E. K. Li , L.-S. Tam , T. Y. Zhu , M. Li , C. L. Kwok , T. K. Li , Y. Y. Leung , K. C. Wong , C. C. Szeto
New insights from a fixed-point analysis of single cell IEEE 802.11 WLANs
Added: 2013/07/24 17:20:14
A. Kumar , E. Altman , D. Miorandi , M. Goyal
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
DNA Structure and Integrity Checkpoints during the Cell Cycle and Their Role in Drug Targeting and Sensitivity of Tumor Cells to Anticancer Treatment
Added: 2011/02/11 09:50:23
Andrzej Skladanowski , Przemyslaw Bozko , Michal Sabisz
Chem. Rev.
Santrumpa: For unicellular organisms, the decision to enter the cell cycle can be viewed most fundamentally as a metabolic problem.
Added: 2013/10/17 22:41:11
A cell must assess its nutritional and metabolic status to ensure it can synthesize sufficient biomass to produce a new daughter cell The cell must then direct the appropriate metabolic outputs to ensure completion of the division process Herein we discuss the changes in metabolism that accompany entry to and exit from the cell cycle for the unicellular eukaryote Saccharomyces cerevisiae Studies of budding yeast under continuous slowgrowth conditions have provided insights into the essence of these metabolic changes at unprecedented temporal resolution Some of these mechanisms by which cell growth and proliferation are coordinated with metabolism are likely to be conserved in multicellular organisms An improved understanding of the metabolic basis of cell cycle control promises to reveal fundamental principles governing tumorigenesis metazoan development niche expansion and many additional aspects of cell and organismal growth controlBMP7 in synovium was found in the cartilage however blocking of TNFalpha increased expression of BMP7 CONCLUSIONS BMP signaling is dynamically activated in collagen induced arthritis and is partly TNFalphaindependent TNFalpha blocking increased the expression of BMP7 in the articular cartilage possibly enhancing anabolic mechanisms Different types of source and target cells are recognized These data further support a role for BMP signaling in arthritis

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Eating Disorders
Created: 2011/05/19 09:03:56
Created: 2015/10/08 21:52:55
30 minit ustaz don
Created: 2012/11/27 07:06:06
Master Resarch -Suriati Suhaimi
Created: 2014/08/18 13:02:14
Created: 2012/04/01 23:19:46

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Consumer behavior in the future.
Added: 2017/05/25 12:17:46
JN Seth , RS Sisodia , A Robert , CA Oaks
R. Montanari, and D.
Added: 2017/05/24 15:27:21
A , IEEE China
Tibaldi Contextbased access control for ubiquitous service provisioning In Proc of the 28th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference COMPSAC04 Hong Kong pages September
A. Jaafari . "Research impact and scholars' geographical diversity.
Added: 2017/05/24 12:14:18
A Abbasi
Journal of Informetrics
Negative relationship between odor-induced spike activity and spontaneous oscillations in the primary olfactory system of the terrestrial slug Limax marginatus.
Added: 2017/05/19 14:31:13
Iori Ito , Satoshi Watanabe , Tetsuya Kimura , Yutaka Kirino , Etsuro Ito
Zoological science
Choma∗, Grzelak . Bioautography detection in thin-layer chromatography.
Added: 2017/05/11 18:52:40
M Irena , M Edyta , A Chromatography
Journal of

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Bechara Tarabay
Created: 2017/05/15 14:56:49
Acheter PlayStation Network 50 Euros
Created: 2017/05/11 17:48:44
My Publications
Created: 2016/12/22 20:51:04
Cheap Sunglasses
Created: 2016/12/22 20:47:00
My Publications
Created: 2016/09/16 15:28:45

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Stem cell homing in musculoskeletal injury.
Viewed: 979100
Eliza L S Fong , Casey K Chan , Stuart B Goodman
Heat transfer from humid air to a two-row direct expansion plate finned tube coils (DX) under condensing conditions
Viewed: 978665
H Shokouhmand , Nader Ale Ebrahim , B D Czejdo , I I Esat , B Trousse , B Shirazi , ASME
Proceedings of the 1996 3rd Biennial Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA. Part 7 (of 9)
Hamstring injuries. Current trends in treatment and prevention.
Viewed: 976214
U M Kujala , S Orava , M Järvinen
Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)
Gene expression profiling spares early breast cancer patients from adjuvant therapy: derived and validated in two population-based cohorts.
Viewed: 974126
Yudi Pawitan , Judith Bjöhle , Lukas Amler , Anna-Lena Borg , Suzanne Egyhazi , Per Hall , Xia Han , Lars Holmberg , Fei Huang , Sigrid Klaar , Edison T Liu , Lance Miller , Hans Nordgren , Alexander Ploner , Kerstin Sandelin , Peter M Shaw , Johanna Smeds , Lambert Skoog , Sara Wedrén , Jonas Bergh
Breast cancer research : BCR
Quality Assessment
Viewed: 972448

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Shared collection
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Dividend Policy (Tralvex)
Viewed: 9392
Surgical Navigation 2008-2011
Viewed: 8994
Image-free computer navigation systems build a frame of reference of a patient's knee from anatomical landmarks entered by the surgeon during the initial stage of total knee arthroplasty.
Current Articles of Interest
Viewed: 8022
This is a collection of current articles from my varied interest. It ranges from software, internet, Web 2.0, tissue engineering, monoclonal antibodies, medical device and minimally invasive surgeries.
Coaching and Psychotherapy Research
Viewed: 7884
Bibliography related to Coaching (Life and Executive) and Psychotherapy / Counseling with a focus on process research

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