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Effective English literacy instruction for English learners.
Added: 2013/07/01 06:47:26
D August , T Shanahan , F In , CA Sacramento
Ong with V Aguila Eds Improving education for English learners Researchbased approaches pp California Department of Education
2010 mid-america orthopaedic association physician in training award: predictors of early adverse outcomes after knee and hip arthroplasty in geriatric patients.
Added: 2011/05/05 17:42:16
Carlos A Higuera , Karim Elsharkawy , Alison K Klika , Matthew Brocone , Wael K Barsoum
Clinical orthopaedics and related research
Anisotropy of the Induced Current Density (ACID), a General Method To Quantify and Visualize Electronic Delocalization
Added: 2011/02/11 09:38:10
Daniel Geuenich , Kirsten Hess , Felix K hler , Rainer Herges
Chem. Rev.
Straipsnio aprašas: norima suprasti ir prognozuoti žmogaus daromos įtakos gamtai pasekmes. Taip pat bandoma išsiaiškinti kokiais būdais ir kokiomis priemonėmis ekologijos specialistai gali užkirsti kelią žmogaus sukeltam šiltnamio efektui. Nagrinėjama globalinio atšilimo įtaka vabzdžių gyvenimui bei jų populiacijos augimui. Aptariamos pasekmės, bandoma skaitytojui įrodyti, kokį svarbų vaidmenį kiekvienas individas atlieka kovoje dėl mūsų planetos išsaugojimo.
Added: 2012/10/12 04:50:48
Mary A. Jamieson
A diphenol oxidase gene is part of a cluster of genes inovolved in catecholamine metabolism and sclerotization in Drosophila. I. Identification of the biochemical defect in Dox-A2 [l(2)37Bf] mutants
Added: 2009/01/24 14:50:32
Ellen Steward Pentz , Bruce C Black , Theodore R F Wright

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Image Fusion for Computer-assisted Bone Tumor Surgery
Created: 2011/05/23 15:58:33
This is the reference list for the following Image Image Fusion for Computer-assisted Bone Tumor Surgery. Here is the abstract: Abstract The fusion of computed tomography and magnetic resonance images is a software-dependent processing technique that enables one to integrate and analyze preoperativ ...
Rotator cuff repair
Created: 2012/01/16 10:03:01
Papers by Weihua LIU
Created: 2012/03/31 08:41:58
Cellular microenvironments
Created: 2011/02/25 09:24:23
This collection is based on the article "In-situ measurement of cellular microenvironments in a microfluidic device". ---- Abstract: We report on the integration of optical microsensors into a cell culture microchannel device. We demonstrate the possibility of measuring the glucose and oxygen concen ...
Created: 2014/05/08 01:19:58

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D. Li and Antimicrobial nanomaterials for water disinfection and microbial control: potential applications and implications.
Added: 2017/05/30 10:12:59
Q Li , S Mahendra , D Lyon , L Brunet , M Liga , P Alvarez
Water Res
Is urgent coronary artery bypass grafting a safe option in octogenarians? A developing country perspective
Added: 2017/05/29 17:12:58
Luqman Z , Ansari J , Siddiqui FJ , Sami SA , Oxford University Press (Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, United Kingdom)
Consumer behavior in the future.
Added: 2017/05/25 12:17:46
JN Seth , RS Sisodia , A Robert , CA Oaks
R. Montanari, and D.
Added: 2017/05/24 15:27:21
A , IEEE China
Tibaldi Contextbased access control for ubiquitous service provisioning In Proc of the 28th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference COMPSAC04 Hong Kong pages September
A. Jaafari . "Research impact and scholars' geographical diversity.
Added: 2017/05/24 12:14:18
A Abbasi
Journal of Informetrics

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Bechara Tarabay
Created: 2017/05/15 14:56:49
Acheter PlayStation Network 50 Euros
Created: 2017/05/11 17:48:44
My Publications
Created: 2016/12/22 20:51:04
Cheap Sunglasses
Created: 2016/12/22 20:47:00
My Publications
Created: 2016/09/16 15:28:45

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Stem cell homing in musculoskeletal injury.
Viewed: 983061
Eliza L S Fong , Casey K Chan , Stuart B Goodman
Heat transfer from humid air to a two-row direct expansion plate finned tube coils (DX) under condensing conditions
Viewed: 982631
H Shokouhmand , Nader Ale Ebrahim , B D Czejdo , I I Esat , B Trousse , B Shirazi , ASME
Proceedings of the 1996 3rd Biennial Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA. Part 7 (of 9)
Hamstring injuries. Current trends in treatment and prevention.
Viewed: 980176
U M Kujala , S Orava , M Järvinen
Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)
Gene expression profiling spares early breast cancer patients from adjuvant therapy: derived and validated in two population-based cohorts.
Viewed: 978083
Yudi Pawitan , Judith Bjöhle , Lukas Amler , Anna-Lena Borg , Suzanne Egyhazi , Per Hall , Xia Han , Lars Holmberg , Fei Huang , Sigrid Klaar , Edison T Liu , Lance Miller , Hans Nordgren , Alexander Ploner , Kerstin Sandelin , Peter M Shaw , Johanna Smeds , Lambert Skoog , Sara Wedrén , Jonas Bergh
Breast cancer research : BCR
Quality Assessment
Viewed: 976398

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Shared collection
Viewed: 14960
Dividend Policy (Tralvex)
Viewed: 9455
Surgical Navigation 2008-2011
Viewed: 9023
Image-free computer navigation systems build a frame of reference of a patient's knee from anatomical landmarks entered by the surgeon during the initial stage of total knee arthroplasty.
Current Articles of Interest
Viewed: 8055
This is a collection of current articles from my varied interest. It ranges from software, internet, Web 2.0, tissue engineering, monoclonal antibodies, medical device and minimally invasive surgeries.
Coaching and Psychotherapy Research
Viewed: 7909
Bibliography related to Coaching (Life and Executive) and Psychotherapy / Counseling with a focus on process research

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